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Named by USA Today as One of the Top 50 Ice Cream Parlors in America!


Step back in time with classic candies such as Necco wafers, rock candy, Gilliam sanded drops, black cow caramels, Uncle Al's banana, strawberry, and stage planks, novelty PEZ dispensers, gummies, candy buttons and more! Enjoy picking your own barrel candy by the pound or individually select your dessert. Whatever you choose, it's sure to curb your sweet tooth!

Blue Bell Ice Cream

We proudly serve Blue Bell ice cream in a variety of flavors! Some may include classic favorites such as butter crunch, chocolate chip cookie dough, black walnut, mocha almond fudge, chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, homemade vanilla, butter pecan, krazy kookie dough, happy tracks, blackberry cobbler, oatmeal cream pie, rocky road, or pecan pralines & cream. 

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Relive your childhood with classic toys like Raggedy Ann, pick-up sticks, the tricky triangle, sock monkeys, four chamber wooden train whistles, Folkmanis puppets, marbles, finger traps, Jacob's ladder, puzzles, books, train sets, tea sets, model cars, chalk, bubbles, jump rope, and the cutest Douglas stuffed animals!